5 Lebanese Sweets in Melbourne To Indulge in Your Sweet Craving!

Having a rough day? Well, here’s the secret to making your day a little brighter…

Sometimes, after a frustrating day at work, or after a painful break-up, or to simply accentuate our happiness, all we need is a little piece of dessert to add a sweet note in our life. And if that dessert includes the rich, exotic flavours of Middle East, then it feels like we are drowning in sheer delight…isn’t it? The delectable aroma, the nutty texture and the rich creaminess…it seems Lebanese sweets in Melbourne has got everything to offer.

If you desire to explore the exquisite world of Lebanese sweets, then a walk down the lovely streets of Preston is a must. All those lovely smells of baking and the cheerful crowds in the streets will present you a blithe experience that you will cherish forever.

Now, that you know where to find the best Lebanese sweets in Melbourne, let us find out all about the top 5 Lebanese sweets in Melbourne after all when you are there, you must taste the best in the lot…isn’t it?

Baklava: Well, when we are talking about Lebanese sweets, it is impossible not to mention the name of this Lebanese dessert. The golden layers of baklava dipped in honey or sugar syrup and topped with rich, flavourful nuts is an extremely tempting sight. Words are simply insufficient to express its richness of taste, so, I would suggest simply take a bite and explore the pleasure for yourself.

Halawat- El-Jibn: A big fan of sweet cheese…are you?? Then Halawat-El-Jibn is awaiting you. It is one of the very popular Lebanese sweets in Melbourne because of its light, creamy texture that is just heavenly. It is basically made from a soft dough of sweet cheese filled with delicious ashtah and crunchy nuts. So, as you can guess, it is a true heavenly dish that needs to be tasted.

Znoud-el-sit: English translation of this Lebanese name is lady’s name and the taste of this Lebanese sweet is equally lovely. Very famous in Abla’s Patisserie in Preston, znoud-el-sit simply feels incredible to palate. It looks like a crunchy roll made from filo pastry and stuffed with ashtah, which is then fried and finally dipped in fragrant syrup. It tastes amazing, so if you haven’t sampled it yet, don’t forget to give it a try.

Date Mamool: It is almost like a delicious cookie that just melts in your mouth at the very first bite and then you taste the lushness of dates, which will enchant you to eat more and more. Baked with a mixture of flour and stuffed with aromatic date paste, this Lebanese dessert can be stored for long periods and is also very easy to be carried to different places. Since this Lebanese sweet contains dates, so it is very much preferred during Ramadan also.

Kanafeh: Kanafeh is again one of the very popular Lebanese desserts eaten heartily across the globe. Assorted with delightful nuts and creamy sweet cheese or ashtah filling, Kanefeh is a thin golden pastry that is very easy to prepare but tastes divine. Flavourful and gooey, you will relish every single bite of this Lebanese sweet.

Be it a good or bad day, make it extra special with a mouthful of these delicious Lebanese sweets in Melbourne that is sure to raise your spirits up!