Life of Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie

There are no shortages of people who relish numerous varieties of cakes. So there is no harm in experimenting and developing a relevant course for its flavour. The chocolate bourbon pecan cakes in Preston are the results of such researches. The flavour originated from pecan pie. Immersed in the flavour of bourbon brown sugar and chocolate buttercream, this cake becomes a sheer bliss for the foodies.

The fudgy cake after being baked is put into boozy simple syrup and is then enriched with nuts. Then comes everyone’s favourite – buttercream. Brown sugar immediately elevates the meringue based buttercream and brings about a taste similar to that of the caramel. A glug of bourbon and vanilla seeds boost the taste of the cake. Near the end of the preparation of this majestic cake, a spoon of buttercream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder make an amazing finish. Finally, a few spins and the colour of the cake sprout and swirl before your very eyes.

Prepare the Cake

Coming to the detailed explanation about the preparation of this cake, we start off with pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees. Flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and sour cream, eggs, yolk and vanilla are taken together in separate bowls.

Similarly, in a medium-sized saucepan, butter, oil and coffee are heated until the butter has melted. Then the heat is lowered and cocoa and sugar are dissolved into it. Allow it to cool slightly and whisk the sour cream mixture and stir the dry ingredients in two bathes until the batter is smooth. Distribute the batter and bake for around 25 minutes. Cool it before removing from the pan and wrap it well.

Now, for the bourbon simple syrup, boil the solution of sugar and water. Lower the temperature and simmer till the solution gets slightly thickened. Then, stir the bourbon and vanilla after removing the heat. This process is going to fetch you soft and tasty cakes in Preston.

For bourbon buttercream, whisk egg whites and sugar in a bowl and allow it to combine. Heat a saucepan of water and place the mixer bowl above it. Keep stirring and heating until the candy thermometer reads 160 units. Now whip the egg white mixture at high temperature. Add a couple of teaspoons of vanilla bean seeds and butter into the mixture. Mix it well till it becomes soupy. Then keep it in a refrigerator for about 15 minutes and mix it well. Add a bit of bourbon and allow it to emulsify and combine.

Finally, it’s about assembling the broken pieces. Trim top of the cooled cake and brush it with simple syrup. Mix the pecan with buttercream. Repeat by placing the bottom of cake on a serving dish and spreading on half of the pecan pie. Freeze the cake with bourbon buttercream. Mix a few spoons of cocoa powder and half cup buttercream. Next, you should arbitrarily swipe on spots of cocoa buttercream and on the top of bourbon buttercream to create a marbled effect.

Thus, the luxurious cakes in Preston are ready to be served preferably at room temperature. What are you waiting for? Relax and take a bite of this wonderful dessert.