Making Wedding Cake Buying an Easy Affair

You want your wedding cake to be the best and you want everyone to notice the difference. When you are thinking of getting your wedding cake customized, go fully prepared and equipped with as much information and knowledge as you can regarding wedding cakes. If you are well-informed, you would be able to make the right decisions. You could order amazing cakes from any reputed bakery in Preston.

Choose a Distinctive Style

You must choose your wedding cake only after you have decided about your reception décor and the bridal dress style. These factors would be serving as a blueprint for deciding the structure and precise design of the cake. Your cake should complement the season, the bridal gown, the wedding décor theme, the venue, the menu or the flower arrangements. It should gel with everything around it. You must give clear-cut instructions to your baker if you are looking for colourful accents like icing ribbons or sugar flowers. If you are getting your wedding cake customized, you could provide your baker with a design inspiration such as an image of your beautiful wedding china or a lace swatch from your bridal dress.

Chalk Out a Budget

Wedding cakes are generally, priced in terms of a slice. The cost would be varying and would be ranging from $3 to about $30 per slice. You could be tempted to opt for multi-flavour wedding cake or an exotic wedding cake having blood orange filling but it is important to know your budget and stick to it without going overboard. Remember that if you opt for a complex or uncommon flavour your cake would come with a considerably bigger price tag. Fondant icing or handmade sugar flowers may seem mesmerising and alluring but they would be more expensive than the usual buttercream. You could try bakeries based in Preston for custom-made cakes at affordable prices.

Be Sure of the Flavour

You would want your wedding cake to look great and taste awesome too. When you go to the bakery talking to prospective bakers, you need to go on tasting a number of flavours. You must consider straying from chocolate and vanilla.  You must consider sampling the fillings as well. There are many bakers in Preston that offer offbeat flavours.

Prepare a Meticulous Delivery Plan

Cake delivery would be taking a lot of coordination and care. So, it would be saving you a lot of time, stress and frustration by getting your cake delivered to you instead of you bringing it along. Often cakes with complicated designs may not arrive in their final forms. It is then necessary to get the cake delivered to the venue where the baker could get the cake assembled as per the design.

Make Your Wedding Cake the Highlight of the Evening

Your wedding cake must get the spotlight. Obviously, your wedding cake would be on display for everyone to see before it is cut and enjoyed. You must talk to your decorator and get a nice, appropriate table that is well-lit. Get a rectangular table for the cakes with linear designs while a round table is in great demand for a circular shaped cake. You must get a nice table cloth in amazing fabrics and get it decorated with flowers, motifs, and vibrant colours to complement your cake and of course, your wedding style. Do not forget to sample cakes from a reputed bakery based in Preston.