Must-Try Ashtah Filled Lebanese Desserts

When it comes to Lebanese desserts, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is Baklava. There is a wide variety of baklava available these days. Apart from the classic baklava, people have now started experimenting with the same too. One can choose from chocolate filled baklavas to cashew baklavas. In order to suit the global taste, baklava has undergone a series of customizations. Well, there is one ingredient in Lebanese dessert which is worth a mention and that is ashtah. Used as a filler for desserts, ashtah is one of the most important elements in Lebanese cakes and pastries. More like pure cream, ashtah is now used as a filler for other dessert dishes too. Try out ashtah desserts at a café in Preston. Check out the must-have ashtah filled dishes.

Sweet cheese with ashtah

The blend of cheese and sweetness is something everyone craves for. Well, Lebanese cuisine which is unique in all terms serves the right dessert for every cheese lover out there. Try out sweet cheese with ashtah and you are bound to impress your foodie soul. Also called sweet cheese rolls; this particular dessert consists of a soft cheese roll filled with ashtah. The whole preparation is sometimes covered with a hint of sweet syrup. These days many different types of syrups are used to garnish the rolls like rose syrup, orange flavoured syrup, etc.

Kanafeh with ashtah

Soaked in the sugar-based syrup, kanafeh is a pastry like dessert. This particular delicacy has layers which are filled with different ingredients. Kanafeh also has two types wherein one is filled with cheese and the other one is filled with ashtah. Amazingly delicious and tummy-filling, this dessert is best eaten fresh.

Ashtah cream with nuts and fruits

A perfect dessert which is filled with nutrients too is ashtah and the combination of fruits and nuts. Called as ‘The Nights of Lebanon’, this dessert is primarily made from Ashtah and is then topped with banana or strawberries. The preparation is then layered with a bit of honey.

Ditch the mundane overeaten desserts and try out these Lebanese desserts at a café in Preston.