Non-traditional Ways to Make the Traditional Baklava

A dessert pastry traditionally made with layer of filo dough sprinkled or filled with chopped nuts and bathed in sweet syrup, the baklava has seen numerous variations over the years. If you are someone who likes experimenting with food, here are all the ways you can make a non-traditional baklava, or better yet, find in your neighbourhood at a patisserie:

  • Ice-cream Baklava

There are a number of things that can never go wrong served with ice-cream. And baklava is one of them. Served with a delicious dollop of icy goodness, either as a side, a dressing, or even as a sandwich with ice cream stuffed between two sheets of filo dough.

  • Cheesecake Baklava

Yet another variant of making the much-loved baklava is a cheesecake baklava. Needless to say, cheesecake lovers are bound to found this style of making a Baklava better than the usual filled with nuts with a creamier centre to bite into. Or better yet, just add the nuts along and you have your nutty cheesecake baklava to go bonkers over.

  • Nutella Baklava

Chocolate lovers have something else to look forward to with Nutella as a dressing on their baklavas. With the dough dipped in sweet syrup, garnished with nuts, and a generous addition of Nutella, what more can you ask for?

  • Baklava Rolls

Rather than adding layer upon layer while making baklavas, another way to make a baklava variant is rolling it up to make smaller servings of the dessert. This is especially useful while hosting dinners where cutting the baklava into perfect even slices can be chore.

  • Baklava Cake

Confused about what to choose between a cake and a baklava? Here’s an idea for you to merge the two and create your own baklava cake. No matter what kind of cake you bake, you can keep the filo sheets between layers to make it a crunchy affair.

You can create and find the most exotic and non-traditional versions of the best baklava in Melbourne with a little bit of strolling through the streets.