Some Finger-Licking Lebanese Desserts You Should Never Say No to

Lebanese cuisine showcases an impressive collection of desserts. These delicious treats are just right for ending a good meal. There could be no better way of fulfilling your hunger for yummy desserts. You would always ask for more once you have tasted these divine treats. They are truly ambrosia.

Baklava: There are various versions to the original Baklava. Lebanese baklava is flaky, sweet and super-delicious. Baklava comprises several layers of really thinly rolled out pastry. The superbly thin pastry layers boast of a delicious filling of finely chopped pine nuts, walnuts or almonds. This dessert is taken to another level by giving the finishing touch to the dessert with few drops of honey. You could relish super-delicious baklava Melbourne in any reputed Lebanese cake & coffee shops.


If you are a doughnut lover, you would also relish Awamat. These are really small balls of dough which are deep fried until golden and crispy. Then they are nicely coated with sweet sugar syrup before serving hot. This is a favourite dessert at large celebrations and special occasions like birthdays or weddings. Both adults and kids love to indulge in Awamat each time and every time.


This is one of the hot favourite Lebanese desserts. This dessert basically is just the same as a cake but made with butter, sugar and semolina. Sometimes rose water or orange blossom is added to make the dessert more flavoursome. This cake-like base is usually topped with ashta, a light creamy mixture. To infuse a classy finishing touch, you could consider adding almonds, pistachios nicely roasted, crushed, and then they are nicely sprinkled.


Katayef is a popular pastry that is usually served on the occasion of Ramadan. They resemble a nicely stuffed folded pancake. The filling inside this mouth-watering dish is supposed to be a wonderful mixture of walnuts, Akkawi cheese, raisins, pistachios, walnuts and sugar vanilla.


Numoora is a sort of a slice that is made from yogurt, semolina, sugar, a pinch of baking powder and butter. No Lebanese celebration is complete without serving huge plates of Nummoora. This is a quintessential Lebanese treat and it has an almond on top as a decoration and usually, a drizzle of warm syrup is added to enhance the taste.

Halawet el jibn

This is a unique kind of dough that is made from cheese and semolina which is rolled for encasing a yummy cream filling. This sinful dessert is then taken to a whole new level thanks to the drizzling of delicious sweet syrup and crushed pistachios.


This is a fast to cook dessert and is a kind of a mouth-watering Lebanese rice pudding. The chief ingredients are milk, orange blossom water, sugar and pulverized rice cooked together by stirring it and mixing it slowly as the mixture gradually gets a thick consistency. The mixture once ready is strained and shifted to glasses and bowls, topped with finely chopped pistachios and then refrigerated.

A Lebanese meal is incomplete without one of these mind-blowing desserts. Come and enjoy the best baklava Melbourne for a great gastronomic experience.