Types of Baklava Every Foodie Must Try

Made by traditional Greeks, baklava has now made a place for itself in the dessert market all over the world. Initially, baklava was only made with walnuts, however, with the influence of different cultures, this particular dessert now has many variations. In simple terms, baklava is a dessert which consists of fine layers of unleavened dough (called filo) filled with nuts. The said preparation is then added with honey syrup or any other sweetened syrup. If you are a foodie and have a sweet tooth then baklava is a must try delicacy. Here are some scrumptious varieties of baklava which are unmissable-

  • Baklava Pistachio

The well-crafted baklava tastes equally mind-blowing when filled with other nuts apart from walnuts. In baklava pistachio, the filo is stuffed with pistachio which gives it a rich taste. Further, rose water syrup is added to the preparation. Pistachio filled baklava is unique in its taste and the rose water syrup gives it a fresh feel.

  • Chocolate baklava

Chocolate has carved its lasting presence in almost every dish. In the recent years, chocolate baklava has also gained loads of popularity. Baklava chocolate can be made in several ways. Sometimes, chocolate chips are added to the filo and sometimes unsweetened cocoa powder is added to the filo along with sugar. Chocolate shavings are also used in the making of baklava chocolate. For all chocolate lovers, this is a must-have.

  • Cashew baklava

Ditching the traditional baklava with walnuts, one can also relish cashew filled baklavas. The filo is stuffed with cashews and is baked to perfection. Further, sugar syrup or honey syrup is added to the whole. Cashew baklava is mild in taste and is just perfect to gorge on.

  • Bird nest baklava

Baklava these days also comes in various shapes and sizes. Bird nest baklava is wrapped with fine stringy dough filled with pistachios and cashews. The bird nest baklava is slightly fried.

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